Boiler Spare Parts Every Boiler Room Should Have in Birmingham

September 27th, 2021

A Gas Boiler is an integral amenity required to tackle the spells of long chilly winters in the UK. Hence, it is of utmost importance that property owners regularly maintain and service the gas boilers to avoid an unforeseen breakdown or a fatal accident.

It is therefore practical to keep some boiler spare parts in Birmingham within your resources. This practice can save you from a hefty lot of money including expedited shipping and the process out charges while any emergency. Not only money, but you shall also be able to buy some time as well as credit from your close ones once you confront the time of need.

Here is the list of 5 such boiler spares in Birmingham that can have your back in exigency:

  1. A Flame Detector: The useful accessory termed as ‘flame scanner’ in heavy-duty boilers and ‘flame rod’ in case of commercially used boilers is known to be a trouble maker. A flame detector is a nifty part that should be kept in stock always as it is widely available and not that costly. Whether it is an industrial boiler or a home furnace, the part does not allow the filling of raw fuel when the flame is not there. To maintain the safety of the boilers in Birmingham, you must replace this part immediately if needed.
  2. Low Water Cut-off Switches: The Auxiliary and the Primary water cut-off switches are fitted to detect the low water conditions in the boiler packages in Birmingham. These switches might last a decade with proper maintenance. However, if the low water cut-off switches are not cleaned annually then these parts will have to be replaced in close intervals. Many operators feel baffled between keeping a jumpy switch illegally or allow the boiler in Birmingham to shut down. To avoid the situation, it is better to have the low water cut-off switches in the spare.
  3. Pressure Cut-off Switch: The pressure switch is present in the steam boilers and the temperature switch is present in the hot water boilers. These switches in the boiler packages in Birmingham are essential to prevent any unpredictable incident or hazardous accident. Pressure/temperature cut-off switches are not costly to burn a hole in your pocket but a faulty switch might be fatal to your property. As the combustion safety code makes it mandatory to use these properly functional boiler parts in Birmingham, you should keep these in your must-have boiler spare parts list always.
  4. Fuel Safety Shut-off Valves: The Fuel safety shut-off valves make sure that the fuel does not drip or leak when the boiler is switched off. However, the function might seem trivial but these parts have a huge functioning in retaining the levels of safety. If the fuel leaks into the boiler, it might result in an explosion of the gas boiler or even a fatal fire. The primary valves within your gas boiler in Birmingham are the main valve, secondary valve and the fail-open valve in large gas boilers.
  5. Gaskets: The Gaskets are such boiler parts in Birmingham that need to be replaced within short intervals due to their short lifespan and heavy usage. However, the longevity depends on the location of the gasket in the boiler also. Gaskets are made from an array of materials and they are usually placed on the waterside of the boiler or the fireside. The cost of Gaskets is low if you are wondering about how much does a gasket cost in Birmingham. Therefore, you can easily stock these important boiler spares in Birmingham before an awry gasket is found during the annual inspection.

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