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Welcome to Midlands Heating Spares – a Premium Company offering Boiler Parts in Birmingham!

Here at Midlands Heating Spares, our dedicated team is all set to help you obtain the correct boiler spares in Birmingham as fast as possible. We take great pride in offering our clients excellent customer service.
Taking care of your central heating system is no joke and we understand that boiler spares are the first thing that you look for when a boiler breaks down. Our heating spare parts are perfectly fit for next-day delivery.


We always aim to build a place where finding a boiler and heating spares is completely hassle-free for our customers. Our years of dedication in developing a boiler spares database make us a great market player. Most of our boiler spare parts are easy to find through our incredible spares finder feature.

We know that whenever you face a faulty boiler, the spare parts become a necessity. So quick delivery becomes crucial. We deliver the heating spares right at your door to let you reach your boiler spares in no time!

We try our best to offer the clients the best service and products. So why not us? There’s no competition to genuine boiler spares and we do not deal with the fake ones.  We carry over a long list of boiler spare parts in Birmingham available for quick delivery.

Just look for the spares in the search box to access them quickly. We are an independent organization to stock boiler spares and sell them to customers throughout Birmingham.  From manufacturers’ guarantee to our prices – everything is of top-notch quality.  We keep the spares in stock along with copper pipe and fittings so you can get them as early as possible.️

Enjoy our service!

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