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We are a leading retailer of heating spares in Birmingham where we serve thousands of customers every month.  Our ever-expanding team is proof of the quality service that we offer throughout Birmingham.

We are in this business for over a decade backed by the expertise of our staff and a successful business plan. Every customer of ours is looking for plumbing and heating supplies at the best possible prices. With our expert knowledge, we are about to be an industry leader.  It is our goal to offer you top-quality products, at prices you have never enjoyed before.


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Here at Midlands Heating Spares, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our selection of heating spares and radiators in Birmingham. So, we are trustworthy plumbing merchant with your heating replacement parts that you need.
Our smooth and fool-proof system is less time-consuming where you get the right central heating parts for your projects and repair work.

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Once the winter knocks at your door and the weather feels chilly, keeping you warm is our priority. To do this right, it’s crucial to routinely bleed your radiators. Don’t panic! This simple procedure only takes around 20 minutes.

But many property owners often miss this out and end up with a non-performing heating system. When such a time arrives, just invest in a new radiator in Birmingham from our site and make your house warmer as well as reducing your energy bill, a win-win situation!

Midlands Heating Spares is the perfect way to go when you are sure of the issue. Get in touch with us TODAY!