Radiator maintenance tips : The ultimate guide

August 13th, 2021

A non-functioning boiler during chilling, winter months is no joke and can be annoying, to say the least. As the condition of the radiator plays a crucial role here, this necessitates taking care of the entire boiler. Skipping a boiler servicing session can seriously damage the electric tool in the long run that will prove costly if it remains ignored for long. So work with a team of specialised mechanics like Midlands Heating Spares who deal with heating spares and radiators in Coventry.


Let’s dive deep to get to know the radiator maintenance tips that will keep your boiler working for years to come:

Take Care of the Pipes

The pipes are the indicator of the health of the radiator. Regularly examine the pipes to detect existing issues in them. Don’t ignore even the smallest drip. A simple ignored problem can turn into a massive one that can put a dent in your wallet. Also, take care of the pipes that exist around the boiler as they can also tell a lot about the condition of your radiator.

Clean the Radiator Vents

Don’t let dirt accumulate in the air vents to keep the steam radiators in working condition. A plugged air hole compromises the quality of a boiler. Just grab a sewing needle and clean out the debris. Keep the vent free of any obstruction. Don’t paint over it or obstruct it with furniture.

Bleed Out the Hot Water

An air trapped hot water radiator is not fit to keep your house warm during the colder months. Releasing the trapped air into it is crucial to keep the radiator in working condition. Even after bleeding the boiler out, go for the thermostatic radiator valve if you still face heating issues. 

Check the Boiler Pressure

Maintaining the right boiler pressure is necessary to keep your house warm and comfortable during December-January.   

Check the Ventilation

Keep the surroundings of your boiler clutter-free to let it enjoy sufficient ventilation. As boilers get warm during running on, let them breathe freely to maintain an optimum condition.

Assemble and Dissemble the Pipes

Freeze pipes do not offer as efficient results as non-freeze ones. Lag the pipes that have been frozen to prevent a boiler breakdown. 

Lagging is just a sort of insulation system that works well in pipes. This easy-to-install system can be purchased from a handyman store. Install it and make the system as hassle-free as possible.

Check the Flame
The flame in a boiler reveals a lot about the health of the system. Once you notice an orange or yellow flame, call an expert immediately. This indicates an issue within the boiler that requires quick attention. Otherwise, it may risk the safety of the people and resources around it. 

Check whether the Flue is Accessible or Not

The Government has made it mandatory that the boiler flue must not leak through joints or cracks. This makes the channel non-working which leads to carbon monoxide toxicity. Call a Gas Safe Engineer to make it right. Work with Midlands Heating Spares to enjoy top-notch heating spares and plumbing services for a radiator in Coventry. Get the details online!